It's hard to express exactly how excited we are to finally open our doors inside of Glassbox Gallery. Here's a little preview of our opening night events!

Screenshot 2016-08-22 13.36.48.jpg

This evening will mark the reception for You Can Be Everything Now by Ava + Panda. It has been truly exciting to hear about their process and be able to show this work for the first time beyond the blissfully small screen of a cell phone.

Poet/essayist Rebecca Zweig and musician/poet Benjamin Krusling will perform a new collaborative piece using video chat - both artists are current students at the Iowa Writer's Project. 

Also performing is Seattle-based Colleen Louise Barry, who is a poet as well as curator of the Mount Analog digital/physical creations. 

DJ Sean Morrow of KEXP will provide some music for listening - besides being one of our best friends Sean has impeccable taste in experimental & local music made by and for feminists. Check out his mix Keep Trying! 

We have DELICIOUS GORGEOUS cookies from Claire England - we will also be selling her Party Packs, Clam Gum, and many other cool products. We will also have "special" vegan cookies made by Florescent_Herbivore. Bonus: there might be champagne for the first few arrivals!