Secondnature x Rose Gold

Secondnature is a PNW collective that includes AOS, Archivist, Simic, and Fugal among their ranks - we are excited to host them at our new location this coming Saturday. We've been friends for years - attending their shows at locations such as an encampment on the Columbia River Gorge, to local clubs and warehouses. We collaborated with them for an evening of low-key fun and dancing right here at Glassbox. Check out mixes below from our pals!

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Nick Carroll (Secondnature) 

I spent too long trying to figure out why he doesn't have a mix up yet - he is one of the curators of Action Potential and Research at Kremwerk, as well as the co-founder of Secondnature. He's a dreamer and he loves a party. Not to mention all the times he has helped us out with equipment!


US41 (Free Axis)

Simic (Secondnature)