YOU CAN BE EVERYTHING NOW new work by Panda + Ava

You might have heard that we are finally opening our doors, PERMANENTLY, at Glass Box Gallery. We are overwhelmed with joy at this partnership - working with Weston at Glass Box last winter was extremely rewarding and supportive. 

All of that being said - let's get down to what's happening! Each month we will welcome a new artist showing digital and/or video works on our screens. For our opening we asked the tender artists Ava + Panda to show works that we have had the pleasure of seeing develop over instagram for the past year or so - YOU CAN BE EVERYTHING NOW - is their presentation of this material in a re-imagined format. 

You Can Be Everything Now is a video installation by Ava and Panda that features work from their Instagram-hashtagged project, Libra Sensibilities. Libra Sensibilities was a series of experiments based on couple of questions and goals that were asked constantly through conversation during the process of their creation between December 2015 – May 2016.

Some of those questions: What is like to take up space -- as queer folks, as female socialized folks? What happens if I take up that space as fully myself – injured, tired, too much, too little – and then still treat myself as enough? Who am I to myself and others when I’m not perfect, as that standard is externally set both in art and physical body? What is it like when I start revolting against my training, when I get angry at the patriarchal & capitalist standards training often carries with them? What happens when I stop treating art like the sum of technical parts and regard any work I do as the sum of a long history of cross-medium practice, conversation, and questioning? How do I have this body in Texas, where the bulk of the project was made? What happens when I do all of this, and share that vulnerable space with a friend? What happens if I let us be enough?

As a project created for Instagram, we were always aware that at least some bits of video would be seen by others. Little curated chunks tossed out to tiny screens. Instagram as a part of the initial project was a constraint that pushed us to stay present with the work – we knew that “funny” videos got likes, but we couldn’t always make funny videos, and we didn’t want to. In the middle of our video creation cycle, Ava got hit by a car on her bicycle and sustained many injuries that deeply affected her movement and sense of self & connection to her body, and working up the stamina to get in front of the camera was often extremely difficult. Similarly, Panda worked through recurring injury and a further deepening into their own internal emotional landscape throughout those months of creation. These limitations deepened the resolve that the work wasn’t about “the moves” – it was hardly even a dance project. It was a showing up project, an “enough” project based on physical experiments.

You Can Be Everything Now is the product of this “enough” project. It is comprised of three parts that need each other, and the direct product of applying Libra Sensibilities rules to the project in a broader way. It comprises parts we expected to be seen – parts that were deemed “appropriate” for Instagram, surrounded by sections we never expected to show anyone – setting up, chatting, itching, creating the space, shifting our intentions from off the record to on, and then falling apart, panting, moving out of that performative space, reacting to ourselves off the record, shutting down the camera. You Can Be Everything Now is a reaction, declaration, an invitation.  You Can Be Everything Now.