Tarot for Healing and Empowerment


Tarot for Healing and Empowerment 

Monday, August 28th, 6:30-9:30pm

Join us for an evening of exploring the ways in which working with Tarot can heal and empower, taught by by Erin Aquarian. Please note that this workshop is occurring at the Cloud Room, and admission includes one complimentary drink. 

This workshop goes over Major and Minor Arcana to give you a foundational understanding of the tarot and how to work with it as a tool for personal healing and empowerment. 

This event is open to all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate and looking to become more confident in your intuitive readings, this class is a fun way to learn and practice within a supportive, encouraging group environment. You will be given a handout to take home with simple interpretations and tips for personal practice.

We will explore the basics of the four elemental suits of the Minor Arcana—swords, cups, wands, and pentacles. In learning to understand the different suits of the Tarot and how they relate to you, you can begin to use the tarot to navigate your life, move through challenges, find clarity and new possibilities and explore your purpose and potential. 

We will take a short break before delving into the 22 card journey of the Major Arcana cards; moving through the archetypes, universal rites of passage, life lessons and experiences represented by each card. We will determine your life-time symbol card as well as your lesson card for the current year so you can create a more personal relationship to the cards. 

You are encouraged to bring a notebook, writing utensil and your own personal deck, though examples will be provided if you do not own your own. 


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About Erin Aquarian:

Erin Aquarian is an intuitive healer, witch, tarot reader + teacher based in Portland Oregon. She offers intuitive tarot readings that incorporate life-coaching and meditative energy work. Erin is dedicated to sharing accessible tools and techniques for mental/emotional/energy healing and personal empowerment. Please visit www.erinaquarian.com to learn more about Erin and her work.

We will have a select handful of items available before the workshop, so come early to scope, shop and sip! Special thanks to the Cloud Room for hosting us.

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