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Workshop: Dream Weaving with Herbal Allies

About this Class…
Everyone of us can dream, can remember our dreams, and can work with our dreams; this is a birth rite of all. The dreamtime is a time when the mind laid to rest, gives rise to the voice of soul. Let us reclaim our relationship with this sacred time and with the soul’s voice. Let us remember how to remember our dreams. As a hypnotherapist, plant spirit medicine practitioner and herbalist, Lauren has taught many folks, herself included, to reclaim their relationship with dreaming through simple techniques including the help of herbal allies.

From this class, you will learn…

- How dreaming is a time when you are in deep conversation with the soul that you are, and how to be in relationship with this aspect of yourself.
- Tools and techniques for quieting the gatekeeper of the mind to access the well of wisdom available in the dreamtime.
- Herbal allies to help improve: dream recall, lucid dreaming and dream weaving.
Techniques for dream interpretation.

You will also leave with a custom-crafted herbal dream bundle, crafted specifically by you and for you, to hold your magical intentions to awaken or empower your relationship with the dream time. 


Lauren Herold is an energy healer, hypnotherapist, herbalist, traditional witch and practitioner of wortcunning.  She is an owner and proprietress of The Cunning Crow Apothecary, where she offers healings, readings and ceremony for her clients.  She is a devotee to the Sacred, and has joyfully dedicated her life to helping folks remember their sovereign relationship with Divinity. The plants are stellar allies in awakening, empowering and grounding this remembering!

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to Nov 13

Workshop: The Process of Having A Creative Process with Jennifer Williams

We're thrilled to host The Process of Having a Creative Process, taught by Jennifer Williams on Saturday, November 12th from 7-9pm!

This workshop invites participants to look deeply at their creativity, their sense of self, and the demands of society. We will create a more welcoming space for everyone to speak to their experience and better realize their ingrained habits and thought processes that might hinder or help their process. Each participant leaves with a copy of the workbook, prompts to refresh their process, and a new community to turn to for support. 

Jennifer Williams is a writer and musician based in Oakland, California. She created 'The Process for Letting Yourself Have a Creative Process' as anartist-in-residence at Have Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she led her first workshop with the booklet. She has since led several workshops in the Bay Area, as well as printed another discussion-based zine called 'The Better Feminism Workbook'. In 2014 she graduated with an MFA in Fiction from Mills College, where she received the Ardella Mills Prize for her thesis. She is currently working on her first novel and was a fiction finalist for Disquiet International. Her music projects include Gossimer and Orra.

Class is limited to 12 participants and the cost is $25. Sign up now to secure a spot!

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Workshop: You're not Crazy, You're Psychic with BB Magda

Join us for a workshop about trusting your intuition on Sunday, October 30th from 7-9pm. 

Are you curious about intuition? Do you ever wonder if your intuition is stronger than what you've suspected? What are the steps that can enable you to tap into your internal instinctual voices and deepen your psychic abilities? Whether you know or are simply curious, come learn ways to explore, enhance and tap into your psychic connection.

Sharpen your awareness of your divine intuitive guidance system in this enlightening class. It's designed for all levels of psychic awareness. Workshop includes a booklet to aid in at-home practice. 

BBMAGDA is a Seattle based, queer femme witch, gold dust goddess. psychic medium, healing channel, level 2 Reiki practitioner, and herbalist. With a major focus involving aromatherapy with intention, ready to wear & custom oil blends, sprays, and candles. She's Latina, Russian & Ukrainian, American soaking up influence and inspiration from her culture's faith in magic and spirituality. She has been reading tarot, facilitating moon phases & planets workshops, and providing psychic services all over the U.S. for over 13 years. 

Class is limited to 12 participants and the cost is $25. Sign up via our site to secure a spot:

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to Nov 6

Pop-In: Scott Young

We are excited to host a pop-in with artist Scott Young. We will have several of his shirts and other items during these two weekends regular business hours. 

November 5th we will host a reception with Scott! We would love for you to stop by and have some tea and/or cookies with us.

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to Oct 31

Community Altar

As we wrap up an exceptionally intense year of transformative change, bridging communities and exploring intentional ways to support each other is more important than ever. In the month of October where intuition is heightened, join us in adding an item to our altar to honor loss, set intention for fall and manifest the changes you want to see- the personal, the political, the universal.

Access to the altar will be available the entire month of October from 12-7 Fri Sat + Sun. Join us for a ritual and dismantling of the altar the following Sunday, November 6th. 

Looking forward to setting intention with you ♥

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